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Da Mouth

Da Mouth (Chinese: 大嘴巴; pinyin: dà zui ba is a newcomer to the Mandarin music scene. A Taiwanese hip-hop band made up of MC 40, DJ Chung Hua, male vocalist Harry, and female vocalist Aisa, they are considered the Asian Black Eyed Peas due to the groups diversity. They released their self-titled debut album "Da Mouth" on November 16, 2007.

The band's Chinese band name directly translates into "big mouth". Their English band name is derived from the concatenation of the Chinese character for "big", 大, which when romanized using pinyin becomes "dà", and the translation of the second half of their Chinese band name.

As of the last revision of this article, little is known about the band other than the basic details of their debut album.

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[edit] Member history
Harry grew up in San Francisco, California. More specifically, San Mateo County. After his younger brother, Mike Chang graduated from Mills High School, they both returned to Taiwan to pursue their musical careers. Aisa who was born in Japan, was originally a member of Sunday Girls from the popular Taiwanese television program Super Sunday before she joined the group. Da Mouth's fun and funky club hip-hop brings something different to mainstream Mando-pop, as does their unique member composition. The group is formed by many hyphens: Canadian-Taiwanese MC 40, Korean-Taiwanese-American male vocalist Harry, Taiwan-born Japanese DJ Chung Hua, and Japanese female vocalist Aisa.[1]

[edit] Discography

[edit] Studio albums
Album # Album Title Album Information
1st Da Mouth

Released: November 16, 2007
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Label: Universal Music
Genre: Mandarin pop, hip-hop, urban

[edit] Tracklists
Da Mouth

01. The Starting 4

02. Kao Guo Lai / 靠過來

03. Get You Back

04. Jie Guo Lie / 結果咧 Intro

05. Jie Guo Lie / 結果咧

06. Step On The Beat

07. Wo Yuan Yi / 我願意

08. Wo Jiu Shi Xi Huan Ni / 我就是喜歡你

09. Mr. Cool Boy

10. Da Zui Ba / 大嘴巴

11. 119

12. Wu Ke Qu Dai / 無可取代

13. Huai Qiu / 懷秋

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[edit] External links
Da Mouth - Debut Album - GinnWei dot Blog
Universal Music Taiwan - Da Mouth
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Da Mouth

Da Mouth at 2007 Taipei IT Month
Background information
Also known as 大嘴巴 (pinyin: dà zui ba)
Origin Taiwan
Genre(s) Mandarin pop, hip-hip, urban
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 2007–present
Label(s) Universal Music (2007–present)
Website UMusic TW - Da Mouth
MC 40
DJ Chung Hua



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