Saturday, October 25, 2008

Coarse Language&Mainpage&Classfields

Boring Questions are asked,esp

Don't your agree that Licking the elbow with the tongue is Difficult:

Not only that,this week:谢谢你的投票!




I initially prepared quite a few bad words......

There was once a Japanese show about Doreamon lending Da Xiong a robot body structure.Da Xiong made a small snow man and put the robotic structure inside it.
Da Xiong carelessly left the bad robot structure on the floor,after Doreamon had find the good one.The small snow man formed another snowman (big) for accompainment.
When Doreamon&Da Xiong realised that they cannot stop the snowman,they did the snowman's bidding by offering it food.Soon,their mother got frustrated and scold the two kids.The mothwer also cannot handle the snowman.Doreamon opened up the heater as it is winter.In the end,the small snowman pushed the big snowman to the heater and eventually the snowmabn melted with the big snowman as it had to ensure that the big snowman cannot escape,here is the episosde 5:

I can't understand how Zanny &Rainie learn it well.Esp Zanny in SG,at least is more easier for rainie=gynmsatic+11 yrs of dancing.

New York Hip Hop:

Charleston had unique moves:


Jazz in 1920s:
NDP Video: can be Heroes









Noose-Orientation Games:





883 jia web:



Cy's blog:




更加锁定YES933,减少其他娱乐开支 0.9%

照常听YES933,也没减少其他娱乐开支 99.0%


Asking me:
My Desired Retirement Needs

My Desired Retirement Age : 50

Number Of Years I Want My Retirement Nest Egg To Last : 35

Return on Investment (During Retirement Years) : 5.0%p.a

Average Inflation Rate : 2.0% p.a

My Desired Monthly Retirement Income In Today's Dollars : $2,000
CPF Retirement Calculator
Step 2 of 6

Projecting CPF

Monthly Income

Please enter your monthly gross salary*


* Includes your CPF contribution but excludes the employer's CPF contribution.



Please enter your bonus (number of months) for the year.

No. of Months : 1


Wage Increment

Please enter your projected wage increase (in percentage) per year.

Rate of Wage Increment Per Year
1.00 %


Click here to get your latest CPF information.
(If you have not login, please login here now)

Initial Balance as at December 2008

Please enter your CPF balances as at the current month.

Ordinary A/C Special A/C Medisave A/C Retirement A/C
$ 100,000 $ 150,000 $ 40,000 $ 250,000


CPF Interest Rates

Ordinary A/C Special A/C Medisave A/C Retirement A/C
2.50% 4.00 %4.00 % 4.00 %


CPF Housing Schemes

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Please enter the outflow amount from your Ordinary Account

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PMI ($)
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Birth Date

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January/1981 (yyyy)


负责进行采访,新闻撰写制作,并负责编辑统筹时事、体育、本地及国际新闻. 资深新闻工作者也将主持编辑会议、制定新闻角度以及内容。

883Jia FM正在寻找拥有敏锐新闻触觉的电台记者。如果你符合以下条件,请和我们联系。

· Diploma or Degree in Mass Communications, Journalism, Chinese Studies or Political Science
· Preferably 1 year of experience in journalism or related field
· Experience in the SAF/MINDEF is an advantage
· Strong interest in sports or defence news is a plus


If you possess the relevant educational/professional qualifications and experience and if you are effectively bilingual, energetic, result-oriented and ready for new challenges, email/fax/send your application to:

Human Resource Department

Bukit Merah Central
P.O. Box 1315
Singapore 911599

fax: (65) 6373 1930


Please indicate the position you are applying for in the subject heading or at the top left hand corner of the envelope.

We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


Map of them:

Map of Today's Event:

Old Jf colleugues:

Rats Striker:

Empire Building? Tuna Sushi? Like playing Lego? Wasabi?:

Why beautiful lips are impt?:

Radio Industry:


Photo 11:

Photo 2:

Kay=not interesting than a mango?:

Kay=dream to be next Angelia Jolie?:

28 Jan 07-883 photoshoot:

Who is frankie(steain):

No wonder!Kevin jump from 972 at 2005 Feb to 883,Jf jump at X TIME TO 933,PROB AUG 2007:

Compare Cyndi&Kay:


Kay's Trivia Palatte(Break-Time):


Secret reunion:

Promoting Integrated Resorts?-

JH's valentimes-

Way Too Fun?:

CQ on lipstick?:

Ivy=Hammerhead Shark?:

Ivy on gown hosting?:

WAY TOO Fun-Farenheit:



Agn's parrot:

Child's resolution?:

Child's long-awaited birthday?:

Favourite but harmful drink:

Parrys' gathering!:

Hooray for them,but build our what?

There is a Birthday Part 1?:

Who do you want to be:

Can we swop our positions?

Curious to know why Ken take up DJ:

Slam Dog:

Having Yes933 for a day:

Viewing Lagoon:
Wii for student?:

Fake Service women:

WII for student?:

Bite toungue=Blood=Iron=Nourishment:

MR JF,finally famous:

JH's Children's programme+Turning old?:

Recipe of Black Pepper Crab:

Top 10 recipes of steak:

Kay's alliance:



Date with Kay:

Rachel's blog:


randallwee said...


randallwee said...

I see,there is no profile of Shihan at wikipedia,but she attends e乐星期天 every Sunday (8pm-12 am),the next Day!

randallwee said...

Is it ture that Kay has demophobia?
How about me?scared of snakes!

randallwee said...

When squeeze in crowds,panick attack,plus use gals with you?
Use gals but microphone can win them?

randallwee said...

Like New York City? What is good about it?

randallwee said...

CANDYCE LIKES Had more fun with Kevin’s Psp?

randallwee said...


randallwee said...


randallwee said...

Some more force him to put on Christmas hat?!

randallwee said...

Tuffy born on 8th Nov?
Get To Ngee Ann Poly to shoot up cahnce to become one of your?

randallwee said...

Why Jia Hui and Candyce likes to have new hairstle pose on blog?

Go To drink with Kevin?

Why working slots close= friends together?

randallwee said...

I see,洪俊扬 is Tuffy's daddy!
born in 2006,
RY LIKES b&w,Genie likes w?
Genie is on CH U news today:24th Jan 09,7pm.

randallwee said...

re-entry lines crazy?
Kay: Please queue properly. Your elbow is hitting my boob.

randallwee said...

Nobel Prize Winner? smile?
Why occupation is Life little jester?

randallwee said...

but I guess if I were him, I could be a worse bitch.

complain half of pop=crod,exgarte nos.?

randallwee said...

Obama inagruation=impt,watch on!
went to gym with frens
Formula from zouk!
1/4 Singapore's population = 1/8 in the queues outside Zouk + 1/8 on Zouk's dance floor.

randallwee said...

gold bag?
Gold Shoes?
Peakaboo for 2009?

randallwee said...

went London to see Queen?
Drunk? by 2-3 cans?
difficult to call in Sat's hotline

randallwee said...

May Day?Boston?2-3 Cartons of Beer?

randallwee said...

my fav? swordfish from Charlene
How come?

randallwee said...

Pork Shabu Shabu?
Rednang Island?
KAY'S BURFDAY=char,kay,Kev on a photo together?

randallwee said...

Kay,is it true?
Source:Saturday, September 27, 2008
'Why is it that American's elections are funnier than ours?'

randallwee said...

So concern abt Lee Hom in your sec days,Kay?

Anxious on a mole,


randallwee said...

UK or Us ,who wins?,why don't you give Asia a chance?

randallwee said...

Hate rats?

randallwee said...

Why does Western-belivers take much effort in clothes?
If there is no suitable clothes
1.wear the school style
2.use childhood clothes,but enlarged size of clothes
3.if don't wear=Jack Neo's naked swim for 幸福万岁's movie,once the sales hit $5m,he will apply a licence from police to swim naked.

randallwee said...

Superstitious to be moley or not?

randallwee said...

In Western Dining,Japan 's Tuna can not replace steak?

randallwee said...

Seafood pasta in what way is safe?

randallwee said...

a tactless friend=still on guard?

randallwee said...

In Italian,'gustoso cibo'=tasty food?

randallwee said...

If Kay is happy bird,chirp&fly daily,shit on detestable ppl?

randallwee said...

Heello in hosp blog entry&wake babies up when sleeping?

randallwee said...

So greedy to borrow 'luck' from friend's baby and bet any info on no.s games?

randallwee said...

Why listen to song every entry?

randallwee said...

Quote Kungfu Panda's msg:Yesterday is history ,tmr is mystery,today=gift=present?

randallwee said...

Kay has Frankie as her pet fish?

randallwee said...

Is Kay another Da Xiong?
once study=fall asleep?

randallwee said...

Why blame Penang for good food that destroy your waist?

randallwee said...

Forget to bring hp+nightmare=stupid thrusday+pissed off when seeing her colleugues feeling blue?

randallwee said...

friends in photo=dsyfunctional family?

randallwee said...

Darren=sweet chap&never get bullied in 'Good Morning' session?

randallwee said...

Advertise own session ,even take a look at escalator (mrt)?

randallwee said...

So old,still play eagle catch chick?

randallwee said...

Philadephain's accent feel=cheese steak,
make fun=evil muahahaha?

randallwee said...

Shocking,why does Jia Fa has her blog,they are colleugues before Kay came to 883jia.

randallwee said...

Learn perfect EL&CL from expert?

randallwee said...

Find Mas Selamat=打小人?
Kay does not want to pay high airport taxes for security,and live in fear that she might be used as a hostage?

randallwee said...

Does her friend Charlene have 劳碌命?When Kay goes on a holiday,she oftens get sick!

randallwee said...

Never want her bf or dad or bro to carry her handbags when sick?
fear they may scratch onto LVs.

randallwee said...

Happy that SG beat Russia in the hosting of YOG 2010?

randallwee said...

Use Da (the) brain for ideas to get $10m?

randallwee said...

Do your know that Di Jia sometime s do not appear in 'free&easy自由节拍',she is at weekend 4-8pm.

randallwee said...

Do not understand why that session weekend 4-8pm is filled with cosmetics!

randallwee said...

When I am reviewing Charlene's comment on CNY,
a)when visting&wishing elders good luck for the year,relatives&family members dressed in red=walking angpow?
b)she has been through overseas studies?
Does that mean that Kay*studies locally means she is supportive of SG?
Proably,Charl loves HK!
c)like crystals or accessories that bring luck for year?
d)ChildHOOD likes 年糕,but when adult=肉干?
e) pro skill is throwings unwanted objects/belongings out of room,wait for other family members to clear up?
f)health is weak?=get flu!
g) move to condo of GCC?

randallwee said...

IT STARTED on 5 feb with US$5 000.
THEY SOLD 15000 COPIES AT FIRST,THEIR Office was at Illegal Pub underpass!


randallwee said...

Dammit. Why does this sound like my current life story?
Which reminds me: I have no pastel bridesmaid dress for HY's wedding this weekend!
Mah gawd!!! *panic attack*

Why bother no bridesmaid dress when the purpose is to wish well HY?

randallwee said...

If don't drink hot coffee,tea,eat brocolli,what do you have?

randallwee said...

Why lips blister=look like a freak?

randallwee said...

LOOKS LIKE Kay's el is very powerful after the expert!

randallwee said...

haven't been updating much because I'd been busy (the most frequently used excuse), and nothing terribly exciting has happened.
~ No overseas trip. 'Cruise doesn't count. I'm talking about taking the plane'.So,plane is the main transport in your life?
Or SG Airlines has 'sweet' service?

~ No special announcement, e.g. 'I'm getting married', 'I'm pregnant' or 'I'm joining the Hari Krishna'=who?.

Oh wait, on second thoughts, I do have things to say.
~ I have more work to cover since TY, JY and JF had left.
Jf is lazy?
~ I have a new assistant program manager.
~ I'm off to Shanghai in December, thus I've to miss PH's wedding.
~ Exams stress is killing me and I'm studying in the office on a Saturday.

You have been in 883 since you are in JC?
~ I'd just dropped a pack of chocolate wafer into my fish bowl. Frankie's shocked. So am I. Coz I ate up the biscuit anyway.

Last but not least, I'd been told that Care Bears are gay and dead. Bah! What do boys know about Care Bears anyway?

randallwee said...
If candyce were to know abt it,you will be in the stew!

randallwee said...



randallwee said...

Look, clubbing is only a very minor part of my life. I work, I attend lessons, I do sports, I read, I enjoy gardening, I go for breakfast with my family... I even help elderly folks cross the roads.

How is this possible?

randallwee said...

HUGO,handsome,charming,newphew of Kay is lady killer&use liquidity milk of ice-cream (popsicles) to act beard!

randallwee said...

Frankie,fighting fish,thinks that Kay's fingers are its enemies,went to office to change water for it Sunday,this is love?

Frankie=latest man of her life?

randallwee said...

Beyonce is wrong abt the present world.

randallwee said...

Chicken Dance by TP!
Majhong=Deadly Disese?
Over ate 15 Days=Hippotamus?

randallwee said...

mental block+dream along as you experince life?

randallwee said...

Kay,similar to Jiafa likes to arrange info randomly!

randallwee said...

Now that 13 Feb,Di Jia report that their boss give them each a rose+chocolates,so caring!

Wonder why SH takes leave!

randallwee said...

Kay has a Japanese name?
'My Japanese name is 長谷川 Hasegawa (long valley river) 久美子 Kumiko (eternal beautiful child).'

randallwee said...

1. I spent the first 6 years of my life living in various countries e.g. Singapore,
UK, Taiwan, Malaysia. Hence... (leading on to 2)

2. I cannot remember the first 6 years of my life in a chronological order.

3. When I was a kid, everyone that babysat me before fears me. I was that much of a

4. I was told that I ate a cockroach when I was 2.*

5. I have an extreme fear for cockroaches. (I think its related to no. 4)*

6. I lied to my parents since Pri 3 when I told them I was studying in my locked room.
Instead, I lay on my bed and daydreamed about everything under the sun.*

7. I wanted to be an astronaut when I grow up. I still do.*

8. I dream a lot, literally. More than often, I have nightmares. Of monsters chasing
after me, serial killers chasing after me, Lord Voldemort chasing after me.

9. When I look at a picture of a group of people, I only look at myself. (I don't
think I'm the only one.)

10. I used to daydream what I would do if I won 1 billion dollars in lottery. I still
do. And I would get too excited and not be able to sleep after.

11. I started using a Mac because it looked so beautiful. Now I'm hooked on it and I
regret it a little. Cos its an expensive preference.

12. I used to do volunteer work at an old folks home when I was younger. I stopped
because one of the old man told another old lady that my hair looked like a broom
in Hokkien. I was standing right beside them.

13. I long to be a photographer but I take really bad pictures. And I like to be in
the pictures.

14. I have too many friends that my weekends are never enough to split amongst all of
them. But I love them all too much to give any of them up.

15. I can't believe I'm almost halfway thru this. This is proving to be a lot more
work then I expected.

16. I sometimes secretly wish that friends around me would stop getting married so
that I can stop giving out ang pows. But that doesn't stop me from being extremely
happy and touched (and sometimes tickled) when they read their vows and promise to
each other.

17. I own 7 thumbdrives. I can't resist buying thumbdrives whenever I'm at an IT show.
Its like a collection.

18. I own a PS3. And I'm longing for PES 2009. Any kind souls?

19. I wish to have my very own camera. Anyone?

20. I hated my ex boss. I still do. Sometimes, I'd drive by the area around my old
office area, and wish he would walk by and I can wind down my window and hurl
vulgarities at him. But I won't. Because I'm more civilized than he is.

21. I love my current job. Though I still get occasional Monday Blues. I think it
applies to all jobs in general.

22. I sometimes think that my collection of toys would wake up in the middle of the
night and go about their own business. But now that I work at night and sleep in
the morning, I know its not true. Or maybe they just wait for me to sleep before
they come to life...

23. I want to act in a musical one day. Or any theater productions. Though I don't
think it would come thru cos I have a really bad memory and can't remember all the

24. I wish that I'm friends with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie so that I can be invited
to their dinner parties and hang out with their kids.

25. This 25 things is so narcissistic. I love it.


randallwee said...

?!GENIE HAS DUCK NECK,smelly beancurd,lotus with RIBS STEW

Capricorn is really wild!=Z

randallwee said...

Why Jh likes Chow Yun Fatt?

randallwee said...

Did not expect a child to have NY Resolutions......

randallwee said...

Of Course,a child's stoamch will bloat easily,but why is it a long-awaited birthday?

randallwee said...

Forget the 'Bloody Mary' publicity that you have made earlier?

randallwee said...

Last time,it was Andernesions or whatever......,now it is Parry-sians!

randallwee said...

Perfume for birthday part 1?

randallwee said...

WHY BLOG is blue-dotted instead of

randallwee said...

The atmosphere of Millionaire is really brought out!

randallwee said...

Doubt the news of the director abandoning the family after the movie......

randallwee said...

But to a family getting 150 000 rupees a month is quite thick for them!

randallwee said...

What's so good about Marina Barrage?

randallwee said...

Jiafa will be at Circle Line on 23 May 09!

randallwee said...

梁文音 is really Rachel Liang!

randallwee said...

Meeting Rachel Dave......

randallwee said...

Big Wind Blow's幸福起航 is not bad......

randallwee said...

Will find Lagoon&thermostat from Plankton......

randallwee said...

Whay kay hate 遗憾?

randallwee said...

Zappy=her car?
My new wallet from Flower/ Shiiiit/ Meimei/ my sister.
Huatster, the pictures are dedicated to you?!
So,Huatster=her wallet?

randallwee said...

Accidentally bit my tongue during dinner. Hard.
Result: BLOOD.
Felt like someone from the olden days, who's trying to 咬舌自尽.

Kay wants to murder herself?

randallwee said...

cannot get enough of WII?

randallwee said...

BTW, I am not cut out for the service industry. I will die from 内伤.

Scenario 1
Over the phone

Patient: 现在会很多人吗?
Kay: 现在还好. 等一下我就不知道了. 你要就现在来.

Two hours later, patient arrives.
Patient: (accusatory tone) 那么多人! 你刚才还讲还好?
Kay: 刚才真的是还好. 现在已经是一个小时后了. (under my breath) TMD. 你以为老娘会算命啊?

Scenario 2
Patient writes name. I inform her that she probably has to wait for 45 minutes.

Two minutes later.
Patient: Is it my turn yet?
Kay: Er, no. There are twenty something people in front of you.

Another two minutes later.
Patient: Is it my turn yet?

Kay: Er, no. There are still twenty something people in front of you.

Yet another two minutes later.
Patient: Is it my turn yet?

This repeats for another twenty something times.

Scenario 3
Patient: (impatiently) How come the people inside got so many questions? *mutter mutter grumble grumble*
And when it's their turn, they themselves have 1048297 questions to ask.

Scenario 4
Crazy children playing. Screaming. Wailing. Running amok. Parents looking on indifferently, throwing loving glances occassionally at their children, as if to say wow-my-child-is-so-energetic-and-lively.

randallwee said...

YSL is more popular han MARS at the end?

randallwee said...

Violate fans(female) to come in=fine NT$100?

randallwee said...


randallwee said...


randallwee said...

The clue from Mars @CH U before ultimate show:If they cannot love each other,why be together in the first place?

randallwee said...

What's so bad about being short?

randallwee said...

It is just identity......

randallwee said...

Even Da Mouth would be pleased to find themselves recongised on streets......

randallwee said...

so can you!

randallwee said...

BTW,which clinic was that?

randallwee said...

Smoke bomb?