Saturday, September 13, 2008

My weak fingers

Jiafa's result:
I have butter fingers
63 words/minute

Randall's result:

25 words/minute,the best is only 27 words/minute.

Here it is:

The imaginative Maths Qn-83 words/min-not possible.
Speed test:
Another Aquarian will come out to challenge in no time!
Cs's result12 words


More Games-Going Retro:

Retro Games:

Build a Squid:


randallwee said...

I was born chemically,so I lost to an Aquarian.

randallwee said...


randallwee said...

Ahfang said compeleted 46 words/min.=Tough!

randallwee said...

Cs is born quite smart,aren't him?

randallwee said...

Although fake,Cs is sometimes promising.